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The Hustle is an urban treasure hunt just like the popular TV show ‘The Amazing Race’.

In teams of two, you will explore a city, region or anywhere really, answering questions, solving puzzles and completing challenges.

This is for anybody - you don't have to be fit or fast. All you need is a sense of adventure.

It's fast, fun and for the all fitness levels demanding brain power and athletic ability. Get ready for an adventure filled experience


"Do more things that get you outside"


'To have the courage, confidence, self belief and self determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life' urban dictionary


'energetic activity' webster dictionary


'to take the outside challenge, explore a new place or search out secret spaces in your own backyard' fully rad adventures

The HUSTLE is an urban treasure hunt, just like the popular TV show amazing race with a hint of the adventure thrown in. In teams of two you will journey  through the heart of a city discovering secret spots, unique hideaways and famous landmarks. You will see the city in a while new light while answering questions, solving puzzles and completing challenges along the way.

The HUSTLE is for all skill and fitness levels, with a number of the activities needing more brainpower than muscle. Being the fastest is not an advantage. It is more about being smart and strategic.

Teams are allowed to use public transport but taxis, uber or any mode of private transport is not allowed, including bikes, etc. Teams are disqualified if they are found using prohibited modes of transport.


"Discover the adventure all around you"



Every HUSTLE is unique as it interacts with its surroundings and there are HUSTLES happening across the country. So pick your event, enter your team, spread the word and get ready for the most fun and adventure you can have in the city in one day

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Canberra ACT


Explore Canberra's Civic precinct and discover a whole new side to our capital city. Saturday's in Canberra will never be the same again.


Baw Baw VIC


The Baw Baw region of Victoria is a hidden inland gem. At just over an hour’s drive east of Melbourne, Baw Baw is the perfect place to bring the family for a day trip or a romantic weekend away.


Port Stephens NSW


Get ready to hit the streetscape, parks, beaches and waterways of this beautiful coastal destination. Be prepared to get you shoes wet!


Logan City QLD

24th May 2020

We are heading to Logan in May 2020 to be a part of their awesome Logan Eco Action Festival. You can learn about the environment as you explore it.


Mandurah WA


Discover the west's aquatic playground and see why this part of the coast is so special. From secret waterways to sandy beaches you are going to have some fun.

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more to come

Do you want us to bring a HUSTLE to where you live? Drop us a line and connect us up with your local Council, Tourism body or Chamber of Commerce. We can run one just about anywhere!


Event HQ - This will be the start and finish for the Hustle. Each Event HQ details can be found on the entry page. At each HQ there will be toilets and food options nearby. Plan you trip as some HQs will be easier to get to than others. Where possible use public transport.


Event Registration - Rego will take place at Event HQ. We will check your team name, issue race numbers and event info. All participants must report to rego before starting the race. Once you have checked in attach your race number on the outside front of your shirt or top, prep your gear and report to the start line at 8:50am for a final race briefing.

Remember you will not receive any course info until the event starts at 9am!

Gear bags can be left in the bag drop area at HQ, however, we cannot guarantee security so you will be leaving them at your own risk.


Hustle App - Before race day make sure you download the Hustle App. This is what drives your treasure hunt, collects your answers, images and videos.


Maps - You will get an A3 street map with enough detail to get you around the course when you check in. You can also use any additional maps you can get your hands on including maps on your phone. Make sure you bring something to mark up the map and a way to keep it dry.


Course - Every Hustle course is different. The course is defined by a series of checkpoints that your team must locate. You can reach them by foot or public transport. There is no fixed route or order to the checkpoints. You decide which direction you go in based on your own strategy. Teams must always follow all normal road and pedestrian rules.


Checkpoints - There are 3 different types of checkpoints in the Hustle. The first is a question to be answered based on a landmark or feature, the second is hidden symbol clue to be found and the third is a pitstop. A pitstop is a physical or brain power challenge.


Clue Sheet - You will be issued with a “clue sheet” at the start of the event. That means you will have to do your entire route planning while the race is in progress! The sheet will include cryptic information, locations and details on how to reach the checkpoints. Some will be easy to find while others will require a bit of lateral thinking.


Each checkpoint will be worth a ‘points score’ depending on a range of factors and the value of each checkpoint will be on the clue sheet. The goal is to get as many checkpoints as possible and return to the finish line before the cut off time.


You will use the Hustle app to answer each question and your timing chip to complete a challenge.


General Public - The Hustle happens in public spaces so always be mindful of people around you. Just because you are doing an event doesn’t mean you have right of way.



Event Gear

The kind of gear you need to bring includes

- Travel pass/Opal Card

- Comfortable shoes and clothes

- Mobile phone (Make sure it’s charged – you will need it!)

- Cash – for food and a coffee on the course

- Back pack with hydration system or water bottles

- Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

- Wet weather gear (in case of adverse weather) The Hustle is on rain or shine.



Event Rules

Travel: Teams may only travel by foot or public transport, which includes trains, buses, light rail and ferries. No taxis, Ubers, private vehicles, bikes etc. are allowed.


Finish Line: Teams must return to the finish before cut off, collecting as many checkpoints as needed to achieve their ‘total points score’ in the race window. If a number of teams cross the finish line with the same score, ties will be determined by total time taken.


Safety: Remember that you will be in an urban space; all normal laws must be obeyed, including road rules. This is for your own personal safety, you must remember that you are not just in an adventure race, but are also in a busy city.


Outside support: This is OK. Teams can use the Internet to help solve clues. This may include having a friend at home on standby to do a quick search for you. Smart phones or a GPS are permitted.


Supplies: Teams are advised to carry adequate food/drink, plus cash as you are allowed to stop at any shop along the way.


Race Numbers: All competitors must display their race number on the front of their outer most garment during the event.


Teams: Team members must stick together. If a team is found more than 50m apart, they will be disqualified.



The Hustle is more about participation and less about the fastest team. There will be a prize for the first mixed, male and female team across the line and then a heap of spot prizes. You must be at the presentation to be in the running for any prizes.



- Bring a map case or some contact to protect your map. An uncovered map will not last the entire race if it’s wet.

- Bring a sharpie to write your answers down.

- Plan your route to minimize travel time and avoid backtracking. Pay careful attention to the opening hours for each checkpoint, they are a major factor in planning your route.

- Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have downloaded the Hustle app

- Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

- On the day, make sure you think about how you are going to get to the checkpoints. Even though public transport may seem faster, take into account they may have to stop a number of times before you get to your destination.



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